Friday, December 11, 2015

Holiday Debut Blog Tour

Hey there! Welcome to my Stop on the Holiday Debut Blog Tour. I was fortunate enough to get to participate in this tour that celebrates three wonderful new designers, Saskia Smith of The Wolf and The Tree, Gabriela Longfish of Chalk and notch, and Holli Coats of . All three of which, released their first patterns this year.

For my holiday looks, I sewed up matching Blue Ridge dresses & Fishtail Kimonos for my girls. I promise, they love them. Even if they look a bit stoic here. I was hoping to sew a pair of tights as well, but the fabric I ordered still hasn't come in. Major bummer! 

Adalae has learned to curtsey "like a princess," & the Blue Ridge is absolutely perfect for that.

The dresses are sewn & trimmed with double gauze from Imagine Gnats shop. If you've never used double gauze before, please go order some now. It is so dreamy, both to wear & to sew. She was thrilled when she saw the vintage snowflake button I pulled out. She dubbed it the "Elsa button."

I also added a few layers of tulle to the skirt to dress it up a bit. It's a simple way to make a dress fancy, but still wearable for little ones.

She very much approves.

The kimonos (her's is an XS) are sewn in a nylon stretch lace that I found at Joanns. I have since learned, that I never want to sew with stretch lace ever again. HA! Thankfully, the fishtail sews up so quickly, that my muttering at my machine was kept to a minimum. Plus, Adalae has refused to take it off since I finished it. She loves wearing it! The lace drapes beautifully thanks to the cut of the kimono.

The blurry, toddler monster got cut from most pictures. Because, well, she stole the tea towels, & ran amuck, dancing & twirling through the house. It can be difficult to get a picture of her. But, she's wearing a size 2 Blue Ridge dress, & XXS Fishtail Kimono.

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Lego Movie Party: Ezekiel Turns 6

It's no secret, that I love a birthday party. Especially a kids party. This year, Ezekiel decided on a Lego Movie party. It was such a fun theme to decorate for, & even more fun for the kids to dress up.

I barely had time to make an Emmet shirt, but managed to make one when we got back from vacation.

He also got a piece of resistance.

We found some hair chalk to make Adalae look like Wild Style.

While we were planning, Zeke threw out the idea of a taco bar. So, I made taco invitations, & decorated the dining room around the "Old West" part of the movie.

I totally screwed up the sign above the table, & quickly threw up a replacement that ended up a little dinky. But, whatever.

We opted for cupcakes this year. They are so quick & easy. No one even missed a big cake.

I found a tutorial for making a piñata for Adalae's party in March. Most of the kids got a chance to hit it, but it broke pretty easily. This time around, I may have gone a bit overboard reinforcing the box.

It ended up being so strong, that not only did every kid get a turn (or two), but Tommy even tried his best at breaking it.

Not even the crepe paper came off! I may be an expert piñata maker. Either that, or the worst piñata maker in history. Eventually, Tommy busted out his knife, & cut into the bottom. The kids were all screaming "CANDY" as he dumped it over their heads.

The toy room was my favorite part. I started saving boxes months in advance to make giant legos. The kids are still building forts & castles with them months later.

I did my best to avoid setting out any regular legos. I didn't want the mess from that. But, I had to at least put out some. Duplos for the win!

"We are from the planet Duplo. We are here to destroy you."

I'm already getting excited about next years party!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

KCW: Summer 2015

So, we had family in town during Kids Clothes Week this summer. I did still sew some clothes, just not as much as I usually do. Adalae got two new dresses, & Ezekiel got two tee shirts.

The first shirt was a quick refashion from a thrift store shirt. Quick & easy using the flashback skinny tee pattern.

I usually try to ask the kids for their input. They like to be involved, & it makes some interesting clothes. This season, Ezekiel requested a "cookie shirt." He talked about it for a month leading up to KCW, & kept asking when I was going to start. Another simple flashback skinny tee, because its fast, easy, & such a great fit.

The first dress for Adalae is a simple self drafted sundress. She loves her animal prints, so I knew she'd love it. It's already in heavy rotation over here.

The last dress is definitely my favorite. The Charley Harper fabric, & the little pocket. I love it! I took the Blank Tank pattern, & lengthened it to a dress. Also, I took off the seam allowance at the neck & arms. Then bound them with grey ribbing. I think it gives it a much cleaner finish. 

I was hoping to get a little more accomplished, but you know, life & all. I had another dress ready to cut out, but chocolate milk got dumped all over it. Fabric had to get washed, & I've yet to reprint the pattern. Sometimes that's just how it goes though. If it weren't for the crazy kids, & the messes they make, there'd be no KCW.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

KCW: Surf Shirt

This sumer, Kids Clothes Week ended up being the week my mom & aunt were in town. It made for a fun week of beach trips & my house getting cleaned, but not for a productive sewing week. I did however manage to get in a few projects.

One of my favorites is this surf shirt for Ezekiel. I saw this fabric from Miss Matatabi, & knew Zeke would love it. I've been hoarding saving it for awhile now. 

The pattern is the Johnny B Good hoodie from Shwin Designs in a 5T. I cut out the pattern last fall, & didn't measure him again. I totally should have printed out a size 6, but didn't realize until I was halfway through the shirt. Thankfully, it still fits him, but it probably won't for much longer. Live & learn, I guess.

This was my first time sewing a button down. I usually avoid buttonholes if I can. We don't exactly get along. I can usually get one to look nice. But, sewing multiple buttonholes in a uniform size isn't my forte. In the end, I had 5 same-ish sized buttonholes. 

Of course, he loves the shirt, & that's what really matters.  It came out a little short on him, but it will be great for trips to the pool & beach this summer.

Next time, I may round out the hem a bit, & try out some pearl snaps. I love a good pearl snap shirt.

This little one pulled her shoes out of the diaper bag, cried for me to put them on her, & then promptly pulled one off, running amok through the library. She loves to make us laugh.

Adalae was rocking another handmade of yore. Her Lulu dress I made her last fall. She loves to pair it with all things leopard print.

I'll try to post about the rest of my KCW makes later this week.